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Paul Cunningham: Recent Projects

Web Site Implementation: Based on a design created by a print designer. I took over the project and coded the entire site. Extensive use of jquery libraries. Uses some HTML5 features.

This project was complex because the original designer had used Adobe Illustrator (a vector-based program) to design the website (raster- or pixel-based). Further complicating this was that the design used the CMYK color space rather than RGB.

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- Sports Activity MD -


Web Site Transformation: A top-to-bottom redesign, updating the design, navigation, look-and-feel, and content.

Implemented using Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks (prototyping tool), and Microsoft Visual Web Developer. Deployed on Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) using Integrated Security and ASP Membership profiles for login and password control.

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- HealthCo Information Systems -


Genesis File Transfer is a secure Web-based customer extranet. It uses Secure Socket Library (SSL) protocols to transfer sensitive billing, claims, and patient information from customers to a central processing server.

The project was implemented using Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0
It was deployed on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Internet Information Server (IIS).



- HealthCo Information Systems -


is was a mobile IT demonstration project. It showcases a variety of skills and sensibilities.

It is the first service of its kind to deliver live, full-color traffic information to cell phone users. Using xHTML web technology, cascading style sheets, VisualBasic.Net, and the power of the Nokia Series 60 mobile phone platform, it reduces traffic headaches for commuters and travelers.

Postscript: Google ate my lunch.
is a personal project to share some of my discoveries while learning about the German language and culture.

Does the Universe have a center? Where was it born? Who was its Mother? Is it laughing at us behind our backs?

 CosmicNavel  is just a fun idea. It's a work in progress, with no particular relevance. It's also a demonstration of Adobe Flash.

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 NerdWerdz  is a consortium of talented communicators with many years of experience writing about complex technical subjects - and making it look easy.   

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What will the "next generation" of the Internet look like? Google and others are on the right track, but they've barely scratched the surface.

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